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Six Dogs Blue Gin

Six Dogs Blue Gin


The bold blue liquid and curious colour-changing ability of Six Dogs Blue Gin set tongues wagging for all the right reasons.

The beautiful blue – not a colour often found in nature – is derived from the flower of the Blue Pea plant. It’s entirely natural and there are no artificial colouring agents or other additives in this Gin.

The botanical name for Blue Pea is Clitoria Ternatea! Take a look at the flower – there’s a picture of it on the label and on the box – and you’ll see why the flower has that botanical name.

The colour changes to pink when a good tonic is added. This is the magic of Six Dogs Blue Gin. The Blue Pea flower reflects the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the mix, and as tonic is more acidic, the colour will change to a light pink when it’s added. The same colour-changing effect occurs if a slice of lemon is added to the gin as lemon is more acidic.

The mystical Blue Pea flower and Rose Pelargonium are the standout botanicals in Six Dogs Blue Gin, which also boasts Juniper, Naartjie, Angelica, and Coriander.

Six Dogs Blue embodies the freshness of a classic dry gin but offers two infusions whose combination is previously unknown in the world of gin: the Blue Pea which provides an earthy ‘cut-grass’ layer; and Rose Pelargonium, which gives our Gin its refreshing lightness and Rose characteristics.



– Alcohol by volume: 43%
– Volume per bottle: 700ml



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